How to create a pleasant atmosphere at the guest table at the wedding

The wedding banquet occupies an important place in the festive program of the memorial day. This is a beautiful final chord of a landmark event, and the opportunity to treat, please entertain your guests. In order for the plan to come true, it is important to think through all the moments of the banquet event. And seating here plays a key role. The atmosphere of the wedding directly depends on it, how relaxed, friendly and fun it will turn out. Therefore, carefully consider the wedding seating chart

Beautiful table names.

If you decide to number the tables, it will cause less trouble in the design and will make it easier for guests to search for the desired table if they are located logically according to their number. At the same time, tables with names will add a festive mood, and it will be very useful when there are those among your invitees who may be upset if "table No. 1" is not written on their table. Use the printable wedding seating chart to let guests know where to sit.

Here are some suitable topics for naming tables:

  • Names of sweets,

  • Names of animals, birds, butterflies,

  • Names of sports teams,

  • Dance names,

  • Names of cities or countries

  • Colors,

  • Names of musical groups or songs,

  • Disney character names,

  • The names of famous lovers,

  • Something that will combine with the number of tables, for example, the name of 7 seas or 7 dwarves for seven wedding tables,

  • The name of brands of cars and motorcycles,

  • Something that relates to your hobby or interests.

Learn how to do wedding seating chart to be sure of your actions.

Guest Seating Planning Assistant

The service for planning the seating of guests of the wedding planner etsy wedding seating chart will be a good assistant to you. With it you can:

  1. Create a virtual table layout for your wedding.

  2. Select tables of the required size and shape that fit the table layout that you choose

  3. Reserve seats for guests and easily change seating if necessary

And with the help of the survey service, you can send out a question to guests in advance, with which of your friends they would like to sit next to you at the wedding, which will help you when planning seating. Once the seating is finally agreed, remember to order the name cards, with which you will inform guests where they will be sitting at the banquet. The wedding seating chart templates, which is posted at the entrance to the hall, will also help. If you are using multiple tables, you must also assign a number or name to each table.